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We love to partner with companies and businesses that have the same passion for people as we do. 


BEE BLEST came on to the land in 2018. BB are a social enterprise who want to help people in poverty by keeping bees.



THE NEST COLLECTIVE - We love music and going to gigs and found out about The NC by following the wonderful Sam Lee (best voice in the world ever!! - Katie's opinion!).


For the last 10 years The NC has been London's way of experiencing folk, world and new music, creating a community that seeks unique sonorous experiences in unusual spaces.


We got in touch with The NC and asked if they'd like to partner with us and they agreed! We will be hosting them in June 2019. See our events page for more details!

BEECHES OF WALKLEY - We love to partner with local businesses and when we cater for events we get all of our meat from the fabulous Chris Beech at Beeches of Walkley. His meat is delicious and the service is second to none. It is impossible not to fill your basket when you go in, as they have such an amazing plethora of goodies to try!

GERRY'S BAKERY AND COFFEE HOUSE - We use Gerry's for all our bread and pastries. Gerry is wonderful to work with, lots of fun and he makes the best Welsh cakes! His orange and coriander bread is a must taste!

WILDWOOD - the sister company of The Cabin, based on Fitzwilliam Gate in Sheffield, is an artisan gift shop and cafe that has brought the outside in through their love of al fresco dining. They have created a magical atmosphere with trees, foliage and beautiful wood interior. We met with George and Lindsay Lonchar, the owners, and soon realised our shared values, love of craft and cake!! They have very generously allowed us to sell our upcycled items at Wildwood.





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