"After my divorce and money problems I found myself living in a flat on my own.
I became deeply depressed and anxious. I avoided the world and was unable to bring myself to go out of my flat.

One day my daughter turned up saying " come on Dad, you are going to the allotments"(The Promised Land).

I remember sitting at the allotments and getting a sense of peace (away from the madding crowd). Slowly but surely my self worth came back with care and help from friends. I was able to return to my job. I've been going to The Promised Land ever since."



We met Craig when he had become homeless after some hard knocks. He came and worked with us at The Promised Land Pantry and over time you could see him relax and really shine. We could see Craig's amazing potential and when George and Lindsay at Wildwood were looking for staff, we arranged for him to have an interview, and he got the job! There's not many subjects that Craig doesn't know something about, so we nicknamed him Google!

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