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We started The Promised Land in 2012 as a place to build community for people who live on the fringes. It is a place of peace where we work hard and have fun.




On our land of 4 acres we have pigs and chickens and we grow fruit and veg. We are not shy of hard work and we love nothing better than a building project or planning what's next on the land. We have polytunnels, raised beds and an orchard which keeps us all busy. Being in the outdoors helps us all to feel part of a community and keeps us fit and healthy in body and mind.




We have had pigs and chickens for 7 years. They are full of character and there's not a dull moment in the day as we tend to their needs. We love to rehouse battery hens if possible and its so rewarding seeing them get their cluck back! Its great to use the cycle of life to help us all to see beyond our own problems. In that we have successfully taken 2 groups of young pigs to slaughter. At present we have 3 pigs, 1 boar and 2 sows. Our aim is to start a breeding programme early 2020.



We love hospitality and eating together and we also found that many of the team were great at cooking, so we began to cater for peoples' parties. By word of mouth this has grown to where we are catering for all sorts of events. We have a team of 15+ and we work very hard to provide an excellent service. We spend time getting to know each client's needs and love to personalise their event making it as special as possible for them. 




Just like everyone involved in The Promised Land, we believe that everything deserves a second chance and has a worth. We use our creative skills to see how we can repurpose the disregarded items we come across. We sell our items at Wildwood in Sheffield and at Craft Fairs. We will soon be able to sell online too. Watch this space!


At The Promised Land we love music and parties, so what better way to use one of the plots but as a music venue! On Plot 56 we have built an outdoor space for live music with a stage, bar, food shack and large campfire. It can also be used for any event.  If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact Katie Hardy on 07949 689182.


We all need a hand up from time to time and at The Promised Land we love to come alongside people and help them. Sometimes that's being a listening ear or perhaps walking with them as they find their way after a life trauma.